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Advanced Facial Treatments @ Dudley Court

Luxury Dermaplaning Facial

1 Treatment £45

A deep exfoliating treatment which removes dead skin cells and soft facial hairs which trap oils and dirt. Provides deeper penetration of products and gives an immediate brightening, fresher appearance to the skin. Includes a mini peel and a face mask tailored to your specific skins needs.

Fractional Mesotherapy and Electroporation

1 Treatment £70
6 Treatments £350

A new standard in skincare delivering deep skin hydration and vitamin infusion.  Non invasive and pain free advanced patented technology. SMARTMeso is suitable for all skin types. This non-ablative, non-invasive technology offers beautiful long term results.

●    Deep dermal hydration     ●    Pigmentation
●    Skin rejuvenation             ●    Acne skin
●    Collagen stimulating         ●    Lifting and tightening

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